In all my work I approach the subject with a view to creating an alternate world within the boundaries of the canvas.  A world constantly contradicting itself in which quiet challenges noise, calm challenges chaos, and stillness challenges rhythm.  The intention is not solely what is shown on the canvas, it is that which remains with you, long after you have left the gallery.

I begin each painting with a series of photographs, building photo-montages which become my source material, my sketchbook, after which I turn to my trusty drawing board to grid up and transfer the image to a large scale canvas.

My technique is fairly ritualistic, a combination of planning, layering, accidents, and a kind of mantra in my repetitive painting process. Without realising, and over a period of time, I begin to combine various painting methods while working purely in oils: watercolour techniques sneak into my repertoire, the layering of washes and glazes, as I allow the glaze to drift into the opaques, creating a covering of accidental colour.

There is a certain contradiction within my painting methods, as I meticulously plan the early stages of the composition and then in the latter stages I hand over the control and the final outcome of the painting.