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"Drawing is at the centre of my practise and always has been

- for me it's where it all begins"

I grew up in a noisy household, my siblings were all musicians, however it was my father who introduced me to visual art. He was an excellent draughtsman and encouraged me in my drawing and painting from an early age.

I have fond memories of sitting with my pencils and paper, blissfully drawing while my sister practiced her piano scales in the background.

This was a familiar recurring scene which continued well into my teens. Even today I'm most comfortable working to music, while singing along at full blast!

My drawings serve two purposes - the first are studio-based studies made while working out ideas and planning compositions. The second are life drawings direct from the figure, purely for practising drawing techniques and fine tuning my observation skills. To me regular drawing is important, it's a problem solving task - the more clues I find the more I understand, the closer I scrutinise the subject the more I see.





To order prints, cards and postcards for any artwork, please contact Sally via the link below

Note: Image for illustrative purposes only.

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