Beauty and emotion go hand-in-hand, they are bound together. In order to make beautiful paintings there must be beautiful emotions

The White Room is a painting installation, shown in six galleries across the north of England as part of

a year-long touring exhibition. The paintings and photomontages convey a private view of the artists’ life,

exploring ideas of birth, nurturing and motherhood.

The concept for The White Room developed from Sally’s love of meditation, which she has been studying for over 25 years. She acknowledges the importance of thoughts and feelings as seeds to actions. While painting The White Room, Sally was careful to maintain a positive state of mind. As a result, her thoughts and

state of mind are all woven into the paintings, and the viewer becomes cocooned within the four walls

of The White Room. 




To order prints, cards and postcards for any artwork, please contact Sally via the link below

Note: Image for illustrative purposes only.