An early career in a London architectural studio working on technical drawings fascinated Sally, as it was hands on, visual and also involved problem solving. It wasn't until after her four children were born that she made the decision to return to art, after previously studying graphic design, and chose a Fine Art degree at the University of York.

Sally has gone on to exhibit across the UK

and has a wealth of artistic experience.



Over a period of time a mantra crept into my painting process, which at first I wasn't aware of

As part of the painting process Sally breaks down the large areas of canvas using a grid system which allows her to focus on the detail, making the painting more manageable. Gradually, as the painting develops square-by-square,  patchwork quilt effect is created. Each square becomes a tiny abstract piece in its own right.

After meticulous planning and preparation, the painting process takes on its own life as the planning gives way to a more free-spirited approach. Layers of accidental colour develop by applying glazes and opaques together and allowing colours to drift, drag and dribble into each other.



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